7 Bollywood Celebs Slept With Producers For The First Chance..!


Bollywood is a fabulousness world and all we see is the allure and glitterati. A great many individuals dream to become showbiz royalty in the B-town however more than few succeeds. All things considered, even there are many adverse features of Bollywood, which scarcely individuals think about. Here we will discuss a throwing hack which is one of the negative parts of Film Industry. We have troupe a rundown of performing artist who guaranteed that they have confronted throwing love seat and some of even laid down with the makers to get their first huge break!


1.Mamta Kulkarni



When, Bollywood performer Mamta Kulkarni has asserted that Director Rajkumar Hirani has requested that her trade off on specific terms to get the part in his film!


2.Kangana Ranaut


Strong excellence Kangana Ranaut has even guaranteed that, amid the trying out of Tana Weds Manu, she has been drawn nearer to compromise with the creators!


3.Kalki Koechlin


One of the best performers in Bollywood, Kalki even confronted the throwing love seat issue in her movie vocation.


4.Preeti Jain

Preeti Jain has stunned media outlets by guaranteeing that Madhur Bhandarkar assaulted her few times to give a part.


5.Payal Rohatgi

Indeed, even Payal stunned everybody in the Television business when she goes ahead to state that his companion Dibakar Banerjee attacked and mishandled her.


6.Tisca Chopra

According to Tisca Chopra, in throwing love seat, there is a private understanding done between the two. With the goal that it doesn’t spread outside and she even had confront hardships in making her profession in film industry.


7.Shakti Kapoor And Aman Verma

When, Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma confronted the light of the day, when the pair was gotten on camera, while requesting sexual favors with the new comers.


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